Adam Rogers

“The Ronin PalusMourn is an amazing guitar. The phenomenal amount of resonance and sustain generated by the ancient salvaged redwood from whence it “sprung” is something I would normally associate with an actual open bodied acoustic instrument. By virtue of the way the guitar is engineered and the amazing custom pickups this resonance translates into whatever it’s plugged into – whether that be a tube amp – or – directly into a recording console. There is a tremendous amount of tonal variety depending on which type of amplifier etc. is used. Everything from very characteristic funky, distorted, “old” sounds to a “refined” semi-acoustic “chime” is at ones fingertips.

It is extremely even and consistent in all registers both in the way the notes speak and the “feel” of the neck and fretboard. From the stop tailpiece to the tuners every aspect of the instrument is of the highest quality.

I use many different kinds of attack when picking etc. The PalusMourn responds to these nuances in a very accurate and satisfying way. It helps to inspire ones exploration of pure sound and, most importantly, facilitates the process of making MUSIC!!”

- Adam Rogers